Who is jeydon wale dating 2016

His favorite television show as a kid was ‘Rugrats’ and still loves watching cartoons.

He is lactose intolerant and is also afraid of bees and owls.

He was a very smart infant; he could speak full sentences at only six months.

When he was only 9 months old, his parents divorced, and his mother remarried.

He also has a rather large fan-following on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, with 561K and 404K followers respectively.Jeydon Wale has been making videos for over nine years – and he’s ready to share something really personal with fans.The You Tube personality just posted a new video in which he reveals that he’s transgender.youtube character is Hunter Hunkapoo born in Canada wants a relationship back with Dylan Martenez.The video is super emotional, but also really eye-opening at the same time revealing that he is a female to male transgender.

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