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An operation was duly done and I'm fine.' But the episode helped to convince him that Byrne was someone very special.

So special, indeed, that many are predicting this softly spoken Catholic mother-of-four - whose youngest child is a teenager and whose husband, Joe, died more than a decade ago in his 40s - will become an international phenomenon, offering spiritual hope in these gloomy economic times.

At their second meeting, the Irishwoman told him he needed an operation on his lower abdomen and he should see a doctor straight away.

In fact, when you speak to her, the first thing that strikes you is how down to earth she is.

'I'm only an ordinary person,' she insists, even though she says that as a baby she saw her mother surrounded 'by wonderful bright shiny beings in all the colours of the rainbow.

'They talk to me every day, help me to understand what's going on in the world and I help them do their work among the people I meet.' It sounds fanciful, I admit, but there is a streak of modest honesty in Byrne which is difficult to dismiss.

This is not a woman who wants to sell you a potion or spell, rather someone who is almost embarrassed to be saying what she does.

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