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The French report suggests restricting beauty pageants to girls aged over 16 or 18, banning advertisers from dressing under age models in adult attire or using them as brand figureheads.It also advocates the return of uniforms in primary schools phased out in 1968 and considered a curious British anachronism by many.The December 2010 issue featured provocatively dressed schoolgirl Thylane Loubry Blondeau reclining in adult garments with lipstick and blush.The Vogue cover sparked controversy in the US before igniting debate back in France; where 84 per cent of French found the photos demeaning, one poll found The French parliamentary report seeks to explain why a growing number of schoolgirls as young as eight wear padded bras, high heels or make up and strike suggestive poses and expressions that do not match their age.Toomey said Moore's explanations had been inadequate and that Republicans should consider Sen.

He also questioned why such allegations would be leveled for the first time just weeks before the special election in spite of his decades in public life."Why would they come now?

Asked if that would have been usual for him, Moore said, "Not generally, no."The story stirred concern among anxious GOP officials in Washington in a key race to fill the Senate seat once held by Jeff Sessions, now the U. But a Moore victory also would pose risks if he were to join the Senate GOP with a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations.

In the immediate aftermath of the Post report, a wave of national Republican leaders called for Moore to drop out of the race if the allegations are true. C., on Sunday said Moore's denials seemed to raise more questions."Certainly, the allegations are very, very strong.

I read an article the other day saying how gays shouldnt be able to adopt because theres not a mother and a father.

(WASHINGTON) — Amid pressure from within the Republican Party to step aside, GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore on Sunday night called a newspaper report carrying allegations he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl four decades ago "fake news" and said a lawsuit would be filed in response.

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Moore's condemnation of a Washington Post story during a campaign speech in Huntsville, Alabama, came hours after another fellow Republican, Sen.

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