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Mysterious climate changes occur around the world, including a blizzard that falls overnight in July at a summer camp in Japan.Seven children at the camp—Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi, T.They catch fish for dinner and decide to keep watch while staying overnight, but Tai and Matt argue over which of them should take the first rotation.

Kabuterimon then destroys the Black Gear controlling Andromon.

Apologizing for his behavior, Andromon shows the children to the next area via sewer.

While escaping the Numemon who attacked the group in the sewers on their way out of the factory, the children are split up.

As the group evacuate the Yokomon residents, Biyomon challenges Meramon but is no match for his power as the Digimon's fire-based attacks are only increasing his size.

Luckily, Biyomon evolves into Birdramon and manages to remove the black gear from Meramon's body to restore him to his usual self.

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