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As a result, the original version of the present essay has led to very violent and emotional reactions on the part of Indian astrologers.

My considerations wereinterpreted by them as an aggressive act, not only against Indian astrology, but even against the Vedic religion and Indian culture.

While Indian astrology may be “Vedic” in that it is part of today's Vedic tradition, it is in fact a lot younger than the Vedas and has many elements which were not developed in India but in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece.

The Vedas themselves, the core corpus of sacred writings of Hinduism (śrutiḥ), are mainly interested in the position of the moon in the 27 or 28 lunar mansions, as well as in the lunar phases, eclipses, the solstices, and the equinoxes.

moreover by the fact that the Vedic scriptures themselves tell us of quite a different kind of “astrology”.

Excerpt from the third, extended edition of Dieter Koch's book:"Kritik der astrologischen Vernunft" (Critique of Astrological Reason), which will be available in print in winter 2016 (in German).

More about the author Copyright 2012/2013 by Dieter Koch Since the mid-1990s, the so-called “Vedic astrology” has experienced a remarkable boom in America and, with some delay, also in Europe. connecting it with the sacred writings of Hinduism, the Vedas, they allege that this astrology has a spiritual background, and ultimately goes back to divine revelation.

Incidentally, it should become obvious from my explanations that Vedic religion as it has been handed down in Vedic literature, has nothing to do with the so-called "Vedic astrology" as practised today.

Hence it is not that I attack the Vedic religion itself, even less so as I myself am a follower of a Vedic doctrine, namely the Bhagavadgītā, or the Vedānta teachings of Kṛṣṇa.

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