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It is not unlikely to by-catch a fish on a bait you would never imagine presenting to catch such a fish.

This happened to me whilst fishing for mullet with bread and surprisingly landed an awrata of over 1kg (see picture above).

So, if you are using a float that can take up to 12grams, then the lead weight should be of circa 10 grams.

The remaining weight will be placed using splitshot leads on the leader.

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For the tackle to be top notch, and to bring out the best of your fishing line, it is very important to use the right knot in the right place.

On most fishing rods one will find the ‘action’ of the rod, e.g.It is also important to match the bait with the fish you are targeting and the tackle you are going to target it with.Whilst a variety of worms, maggots, squid, live crayfish and prawns are ideal to target fish like bream and wrasses, one may also use bread, cheese and sweet corn for other fish like mullet and fresh seaweed (selliha) for Salpa (Xilep).However, more often than not, in order to be successful, one must rig up his tackle as finely as possible in order to have half a chance of landing the big one.Shore fishing has become quite technical in the last few years and has excelled from the days were any rod, line and hook would do.

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When using live bait it’s important to keep it as alive and fresh as possible, especially in summer, keep your bait in a cooler and only bring out what you plan on using.

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